GiGi New York: Tote-ally Awesome.

Traveling a lot

offers you the ability to learn

how to travel smart.

You learn what things you can do without

and what things you absolutely can't live without.

Pretty much anything that weighs more than 

my makeup bag or a paperback book

isn't making the cut...

my shoulders are so worn down from years of schlepping

my laptop, notepad, camera, water bottles,

piles of books I wanted to read (but never did)

around as we traveled.

But I'm older & wiser now....

and I have a kid

that requires lots of other transported



So how do you travel smart

when you need all the essentials,

need it to double as a diaper bag,

but want to look like a normal/non-mom person?

Well, I have no idea...

but I think this cute tote bag

by GiGi New York

gets me pretty close to it.

I like the idea 

of using a bag

that is cool enough to me to wear pre-baby 

... after you become post-baby.

Obviously, I realllly like that idea. Reason 1051 I'm not a fashion blogger. God bless those special people.

Plus, you can put your own initials

on the cute bag tag...

or have them stamped directly on the bag.

{Like my cross-body from last summer had,



Your choice.

Traveling is hectic enough...

so why complicate it with extra pieces

when you could just carry everything in one, pretty, chic bag?

Especially when you've already got your hands full.

GiGi New York Teddy Tote

in Taupe, $295.

Sounds like it's time for you to get packing, too.

Check out the entire line




PS. This bag comes in so many colors!!! One for everyone. ;)

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

**tote bag c/o GiGi New York.