Pillow Giveaway? Happy Monday.

Unless you are in one of the royal residences,

living in London

forces you to become

selective on what items

enter your home.

I'd like to attribute my selective purchasing skills

to a cool, minimalist mentality...

but the truth is,

we just don't have the space!

With the absence of garages, attics, spare bedrooms, & closets,

comes the necessity to keep your life simplified.

Buying in bulk

is a concept I used to relish...

but now, we stock things

in small quantities

and on a need-to-have basis.

Otherwise, our tiny cabinets would pop open

and we would be swimming in random objects.

I've become relatively good at this.

except for one area:


I love pillows,

I can't stop adding them to our home,

& I can't throw any old ones away.

It's getting slightly awkward.

So luckily,

when a blog reader,


showed me her new pillow line,


my heart fluttered a bit.

With names like "Cyprus, "Lucerne," & "Bombay,"

it's clear to see how Brittany's travels have influenced

her work designing the pillows.

She has done a fantastic job of creating

a well-edited collection that goes well together...

and, in my opinion,

 would look great in most any room of my house.

Which is good

as I have two Belquist pillows

that now need to find a space there.

And now one of you can share in my dilemma, too.

Enter below for your chance to score one.

As its open to US readers only,

I have no doubt the winner

will have plenty of square footage

to give this prize ample room.

{Lucky you.}

{Editor's Note: I love when readers get to win prizes on here. Makes me happy.}

*I was given pillows as a product review for this giveaway. 

Just so you know. I really do like them, too!