Atlantic Ping Pong

We have a six month old baby.

She's been on 13 flights so far,

visited 4 countries

& 4 states.

She's an amazingly sweet baby

and such a great flyer...

but this week

we may push her limits.

Today we are flying back to England.

And then Sunday,

we are flying back west

to Reykjavic, Iceland.

We may be out of our minds,

but, oh well.

Even though it's just for a couple of days,

it will be nice to be back in our flat

see our friends

and get ready for the (crazy!) semester ahead.

I pick up my fall semester of students

in Iceland in 6 days.

It's about to get... well, exciting.

My dad was telling me today that I need to do a post

about how-to travel with a baby...

but I don't want anyone to call CPS on me

after I reveal my secrets.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

The truth is,

this kid is super chill

and makes us look good.

(Why do I have the feeling as you are reading that sentence,

I'm going to be bouncing a squawking baby up & down an airplane aisle?)

And when it's not easy,

we'll we just figure that it's only x amount of hours

and it will all be over & worth it.

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Iceland is out of this world beautiful.

You're not going to want to miss a beat.

*image via Vogue