To A Tea | The Liberty Cafe

If you

follow me on Instagram,

you may have noticed I have a *slight* obsession

for London's department store, Liberty.

And of course, when I say "slight obsession"

I actually mean, 

"I want to lick the floors of it and caress every single item inside its walls."

After a long time of forgetting to try out

their cafe,

I decided it was time to for two of my life's great loves

(tea & Liberty)

to merge.

I have to say...

I was slightly underwhelmed.

Let's walk through my time there.


Hard to find in the store

(on the second floor in a room to the side).

The room itself is fairly plain

with a good dose of subtle quirks

that are oh-so-Liberty.


It was... meh,

and it wasn't cheap.

I ordered lunch

followed by a cream tea.

After all, this was research

and I had to get a good sampling.

Let's start with the Cream Tea

since this is a series on tea rooms in London.

The scones were dense.

After I polished off the first,

I actually kinda dreaded having to work through the second.

Which is not a normal feeling.

{Plus, they weren't fresh or warm.}

And it was £10.50...

which makes is one of the more expensive cream teas

I can ever recall seeing listed on a menu in the UK.

The goats cheese, caramelised onion & asparagus tart was pretty tasty.

On the upside,

it made hitting the end of the summer sale really easy.

In fact, 

I walked away with some amazing steals

and it played perfectly into my errands at Oxford Circus.

So, would I go back?


but maybe just for a drink

or a light nibble.

I wouldn't save up a tasty meal for it...

or splurge on my souvenir tea time there.

Have you been?

Did you have a better experience?

(I really do hope so! I would love to think I experienced an off day.)


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*all photography original to Aspiring Kennedy