Amber & Tyler: Notting Hill Engagement Shoot

If you don't know my friend,

Amber, by now...

you should.

I was trying to think of her today

and how to best describe her

and the word "thoughtful" kept coming to mind.

I hope that everyone is as lucky as I am

to have a friend like Amber.

From hooking us up with the best hotel for our babymoon,


the most beautiful "babies shower,"

to hosting & cooking for family after Viola was born,

and so many countless other ways

she selflessly is a friend to me,

I feel truly honored to get to be a bridesmaid

in her upcoming wedding to Tyler.

No, not to my Tyler, 

her Tyler-

who deserves his own post for being great.

The wedding is also in Maui

so, duh, I'm completely thrilled.

When I saw her engagement pictures,

I actually clapped with delight.

What can I say?

I'm a sucker for seeing

the people I love

being madly in love

in a neighborhood I love.

So here they are,

the Micklesons (to-be)

in all their Notting-Hill-lovey-dovey-goodness.

(And their little pup, Pippa!)

We love you both so much!

If you want to buddy up to Amber

(which I totally recommend)

start her by checking out her cute blog, 


*    *   * 

If you're in the mood to look at more pretty pictures,

check out

my maternity pics

taken in this same neighborhood

by the talented (and dear friend),

Liz Denfeld.

*photography by