Weekend Rambles

This week was a long, tiring week.

There was nothing bad about it,

 in fact, it was packed full a lot of good/fun things.

If you follow

my Instagram insanity,

you may have seen the non-stop line up

that happened this week

Tower of London, Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, Hampton Court, etc...

along with every tea room & bakery

in between here & there.

But this morning we woke up groggy

with the immediate need to recover.

So we pushed the alarm to snooze,

cuddled the baby between us

to convince her to sleep later,

and slept in till 11.

We walked around Portobello Road,

had lunch in one of our favorite pubs, The Pelican,

grocery shopped at the produce stalls & butcher,

queued up like lemmings for a cupcakes at Hummingbird,

and came home for an easy/early night back in the flat.

joining the masses all for a little bit of baked goodness. totally worth it, by the way.

Thanks for the hat, Caley!

A few hours out

with a day like that

and you'll be convinced

that the scales of life

are starting to tip back in your favor

and heavily on the side of awesome.

Except once we got home- 

the baby wouldn't nap,

the boeuf bourgnignon turned out to be more like boeuf soup...

and now, at 11:16, I'm sitting down

after cuddling a certain 7-month old

who was definitely not wanting to go to bed.

(I suppose this was her form of payback for us conning her to sleep in?)

And perhaps this was my payback for her not going to bed?

Now I'm sitting here

feeling too tired to take a much needed bath,

defeated by the endless visa renewal whisper -talk

Tyler & I had while I rocked Viola,

and severely regretting offering my red velvet cupcake to Tyler

as he chomps in to it over an episode of Arrested Development.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day...

And for a husband who saved me the last bite of cupcake

without me even asking.

*     *    *

Anyone have any special remedy

for being really tired

and/or adding a few extra hours to the day?

I'll pay you in digestive cookies & ginger beer.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy