England is Great. Immigration is Awful.

Everyone do a little happy dance

in your sticky public transport seat on your commute,

or from your perch on the living room sofa,

or your creaky desk chair in your cubicle...

or wherever else you may be

as you read this...

Because after six weeks of the UKBA

(read: UK Border Agency)

loosing our birth certificates, marriage certificates, 

social security cards, residence cards, tax documents...

and, oh yeah, our passports-

they have finally been found

and delivered back to us!

And all you Americans

can also join me

 for a little added twirl

celebrating the special fact

that as of this weekend

 this trio will be on your continent

for a brief little tour of duty

before our Paris days begin.

.   .   .

Or comment below with the most awesome thing

that's happened to you this week

for a chance to (easily) top mine.

*photo by noah darnell for aspiring kennedy