Come one, come all | Girls Night Out

Hey, wanna do dinner sometime?

I know a good pizza place

in Notting Hill- Otto.

(In fact, you've probably seen me instagram from it quite frequently.)

This won't be anything fancy or formal...

Just a way to hang out and get together

for some chatting and good food...

Like "good food" as in

"two hot chocolate chip cookies

straight from the oven

separated by a mountain of vanilla ice cream" good.

(aka- the best kind of good)

So who's invited?

If we've met before, you're invited!

If we haven't, you're invited, too!

If you just moved to London,

don't know anyone

and would feel super awkward coming-

hey, you're invited, too!

(In fact, you may need to be there the most. It's lonely being in a new country!)

* * *

Monday, Jan 13th

(yes, like this Monday)

at 6:30pm.

No pre-paying or anything

for this shindig.

Just RSVP to me

so I can know how many people

will be there for the fun.

Happy Weekend!