Notting Hill | Family Style

When you live in Notting Hill,

the increase in rent

requires a sacrifice of the size of home

you could get in other areas of London.

So for us, 

"home" expands beyond the four walls of our tiny flat

and into the picturesque neighborhood that surrounds us.

The bustling market

full of once-loved treasures,

the pretty cafes that tempt you as you pass by

with their windows piled with fresh goodies,

and the endless sea of the iconic colorful houses

all come with settling in Notting Hill...

... and we think that's worth more

than a second bathroom

or extra storage space.

So after our Houzz shoot the other week,

we jumped at the chance to have

Noah Darnell shoot some pictures of our family

wandering through the neighborhood.

I had every intention of sending these out

as our Christmas cards,

but it never happened.

Luckily, I still have an amazing selection

of really sweet pictures from that day.

Some that mirror the images

Liz took of us for

my bump shoot

around Notting Hill.

I love having our lives at this point in time captured.

I have no doubt that if or when we move on from our lives here,

I'll pour over these pictures

and long to relive these days again.

(Thank you, Noah!)

Started in the 0.4% and now... that face. 

*images by

Noah Darnell