The Rest of the Story...

From the beginning of this pregnancy, Tyler & I have been going back and forth on what the baby "was." After we found out it was just one baby, we knew this pregnancy would be different than the last in a lot of ways, regardless of if it was a boy or girl.

We talked about the pros and cons of each. If it was a boy, it would be completely different. There would be no comparison that could be made, and the idea of a totally new experience from last time seemed like a fresh start.

But if it was a girl, it would feel so nice to finally have two girls- we have a big hole in our heart for the relationship that Viola lost when her sister died. Plus, we get the girl thing. We love it. We have all the clothes and stuff for a girl. It'd be, in some ways, easy.

But as you know... no matter how much you talk about this issue, you have no control over what you end up getting. (And to be honest, while we had opinions, we weren't picky.)

Tyler "knew" it was a girl. I "knew" it was a boy. Though our ultrasound tech, the only person that actually matters in this debate, proved it was a....


We are having a boy! We are so shocked by the newness of the idea, that I'm not sure we have our heads wrapped around it. A boy?! The thing is, I know I'll look back on these feelings and see myself as someone who just didn't realize how much sweeter her life was about to become. 

So here we go. Oh, boy!



Also... toss in your bet boy names below, because we are starting from scratch!







*photos by Robyn Thompson

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