The Right Shoes for Europe.

Working with peoples' travels typically brings up many of the same things... affordable hotels, restaurants that are family friendly, airport transfers, etc. But one thing that always gets brought up is packing. What do we wear? What kind of coat is right for the specific season? And, of course, what shoes should I wear?

I'll give it to them. It's an important question. As many of us know, shoes can make or break your day when traveling. I typically wear flats that I've broken in ahead of time. You don't want those blisters arriving the first day of your trip when you have miles of walking awaiting you. Ouch.

And you want to look good in your pictures, too. I get it. Here are a some shoes that I love and that would make Londoners give you the nod of footwear approval. (Plus, they work year-round here for keeping your feet dry.)

ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE  |  SIX |  SEVEN


And since the underlying issue of looking "not like an American" is typically tied to these questions, here are my two main tips for looking a bit more local: Don't wear rain boots. (Sorry, but Brits only wear these out in the country when the weather actually demands in- never in the city.) Secondly, and this may hurt American friends, but the tall riding boots you got for Christmas aren't really common here either. Though I will say: if you've broken in a good pair that you love, who cares. Wear them, love them, and take all the pictures you want feeling cute in them. (At the end of the day, the only person that needs to care is you!)

Here's the other important thing to remember when packing for traveling in Europe: while you want to blend in, realize that, as a tourist, you'll be out and walking much more than locals will be in the day. You need to be more comfortable- because while we walk to the tube and to work/school, you'll be clocking miles as you explore the city. Dress comfortable. Pack an umbrella, wear waterproof jackets if you're out all day.... because the only thing worse than "looking like a tourist" is to find yourself out all day soaked, limping with a bloody blister and feeling generally miserable. 



*image original to Aspiring Kennedy