Pancake Day! ... ?

Here in England, "Pancake Day" is a thing. Our first year here, I was really confused by it. It seemed to come and go without me really know what was going on, but as the years have passed, I've gathered a bit knowledge of what the day.

Here's the short version to catch anyone else up to speed that may be in the dark: Pancake Day is a part of "Shrove Tuesday," the day before Ash Wednesday. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken, but this has evolved from a Catholic tradition of enjoying a last bit of indulgence before Lent. Apparently, pancakes are the way to celebrate a last hoorah at indulgence, but I'm willing to suggest some other of my favorite carbs in case anyone is listening. In Britain, the pancakes are typically eaten covered in sugar and lemon. 


But until then, pancakes it is! While I'm still a novice to the holiday, I'm also an easy sell for a reason to make pancakes and have friends over. As "pancakes" here are so thin, I figured I'd go completely into the crepe scene and try my first dabble at crepe making. Luckily, just as I was really starting to dread my skills with a crepe maker, Grace showed up and told me that she used to work in a crepe shop. Task reassigned... and she did great! It's harder than it looks.



While she may claim they weren't her prettiest work, I say who cares if they are decked out in Nutella, Speculoos, strawberries, coconut, almonds, whipped cream and pretty much anything else we could come up?



And let me tell you... the bit of indulgence was worth it. Crêpes shouldn't just be saved for France, when they are so easy and cheap to make at home. It was also a good reminder of Lent's arrival. Will you be giving up anything? I'm not Catholic, but am Christian and I need some structured discipline in my life. Thinking through what could be a good construct of my time for 40 days. 



Thanks to Debenhams for sending over some of the goodies that made this fun morning with my friends possible. I made the guests all take one of the items home with them as party favors. ;)






*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy and her poorly lit and dark kitchen.