Turning the Winter Blues into Green.

I hate to time this with the New Year, but this past month Tyler & I have been trying to reign in our spending and cut back. I can't really give you any good reason as to why- no financial crisis- just an accumulation of overspending on nonsense that was adding up to numbers that didn't make sense. 

So then we decided it was time for the conscious cut-back. Never easy, not exactly fun, and definitely not galmourous- but it feels so good. I guess it could be compared to working out... but since I don't do that, I can't speak with authority. 

Coming as a shocker to no one, but the biggest area to cut back for us has been how we eat- and where. Eating at home! Meal planning! Writing out a weekly calendar to help avoid last-minute decisions that result in spending money when it could have been avoided with a little forethought. 

And do you want to hear the really annoying part? We are loving it. Not only watching our savings build back-up (which is good, because we've got several more months to watch it happen), but the routine has been really nice. We do really well with running around and living life on the go... but man, going to bed each night with the day ahead being thought through is a luxury we are enjoying.

So there you have it... life. A bit more boring for the time being, but there's some beauty in it. Beauty in putting away pennies while you eat peanut butter & jellies together. Beauty in not buying new clothes for ourselves... even though they're 75% off and I really want them. Beauty in learning to be content with what we have and take things a bit slower.

No complaints here. 


What are some of the ways you save- both money and sanity? There's beauty in sharing those kind of ideas with others, too!

I'm sharing three of the recipes that I've found in my reintroduction back into the kitchen. As a bonus, they're all homey, warming pies perfect for winter nights- and the next day for lunch, too.





*image original to Aspiring Kennedy