Monday Moods: I feel... apologetic.

For a long time,
I've ripped on cruises
for being cheesy, unoriginal, and mainstream.

I hadn't been on a cruise since early high school,
and in my mind-
had developed a bit of an snotty attitude 
towards the idea of them.

Well, I take it back!

Our Royal Caribbean cruise
through the Greek Isles was amazing.

We visited so many places in our 11 days,
and it would have been impossible to duplicate that journey
if it were just us traveling on our own.

(Venice, Corfu, Croatia, Crete, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Olympia)

After planning so many vacations by ourselves,
it was heavenly to not have to think about 
where to stay at each new place,
what train/bus/plane to take to get there,
where to find a decent place to eat.

 I had even  forgotten how lovely turndown service can be...

The swan towels are slightly bizarre, but hey, I'll take it.

Royal Caribbean was clean, amazing friendly, 
and the food was so tasty, this snob is forever silenced.

these little pastries are dangerously addicting.

While there may be other trips 
that offer higher exclusivity and swankier crowds,
I would proudly say that our cruise 
was the most relaxing trip we have ever taken.

So I hereby apologize.

Royal Caribbean, I spoke to soon.

Thanks for giving me a second chance,
and sweeping me off my feet.

Have you ever cruised?
Did you love it as much as us?