Pop-Up Shop

Most of you know-

 I've got a thing for popsicles.

I've been blogging about them for a while now
in hope that they might become the next "thing."

Cupcakes are fine, but we've all had our fill.
I'm ready to trade out for a tasty chill.

(Did you catch that rhyme?)

All I'm asking is this:

Can someone PLEASE make popsicles cool?

If you have the cash, the time, and the style-
I've already planned out 
the perfect plan for a popsicle paradise.

Imagine this:

A silver airstream trailer happily perched
 on a plot of bright green astroturf, 
surrounded a white picked fence
and oozing with kitsch.

The trailer cheerfully greets the masses
through a giant window with red checked curtains
where it hands out frozen delights like
the Ferrer Rocher drumstick,
the strawberry margarita snowcone,
& the blood orange dreamsicle
to it's happy patrons.


All the hard work is done for you.

Now all that's left is for someone to
finance it, build it, manage it, & maintain it.

(Easy peasy.)

Do any of you have a fun menu item 
for this popsicle menu?

(... I double dog dare you to get in on this fun ...)