Sometimes It Is Okay...

Sometimes you might find yourself grumbling 
on what should be the perfect day.

You might be feeling the lack of sleep while visiting the Loire Valley...

You might be distracted by the massive to-do list awaiting you
 while trying to enjoy a glorious site...

You might find yourself feeling begrudgingly broke
while shopping along a parisian market...

and, sometimes, that's okay.

Because, the truth is, life is beyond the pretty veneer
of beautiful pictures & glamorous settings.

In fact, having a happy life 
really doesn't have anything to do 
with either of those things.

But sometimes, 
when you start wallowing in your own grievances,
you need someone to call you out
and remind you that life is, actually, really good.

Maybe this reminder can help you like it helped me!

*images original to aspiring kennedy