Pack Your Bags: Alpine Skiing


By the time my friends in the States are going to bed,

we will be getting up at the crack of dawn here in France.

The grogginess and regret will end 

as soon as our train pulls out of the station towards the Swiss border

... and I can fall back to sleep.

We are going skiing in Interlaken this weekend...

which is a first for me on a few levels.

First time skiing in Switzerland...

First time skiing in Europe...

First time skiing without real ski clothes!

Oh well, it's supposed to be in the mid 60's at the base of the mountain...

so it doesn't sound like it will be too chilly up on the mountain.

{Spring skiing is so much better than winter skiing. Fact.}

Have you been skiing in Interlaken before?

Any tips? Any cozy chalets not to miss? 

Help me maximize my three nights in Switzerland, s'il vous plait!

I'll be posting absurd pictures of Alpine Splendor to facebook while I'm away... come join the party.

{Are all facebook pages that fun? Because I kinda like all the people who post on mine.}